A Bit About Annette  

Annette has an inquisitive mind.  Learning is part of her daily routine.  She is very thankful for life experiences which lead to becoming a full time creator of fine art.  Annette credits her Mom for encouraging her to pursue painting.  In 2005, during her Mom's advanced stages of Alzheimer’s, Annette felt a quiet strength emanate as if her mom was speaking to her, although she was unable to utter a word. These personal moments gave Annette pause for reflection about pursuing things she’d only dreamed of, exploring a road not taken.

Annette seeks to discover a deeper meaning to her inherent inspiration.  Alberta-born, Metis with family connection to Red River, Annette takes every opportunity to see and hear her surroundings with great appreciation.  Creating original art is essential for Annette.

Annette’s work is representational, influenced by many notable Canadian and international artists. The list of great inspirers is endless. Because of Annette's love of music, there is tremendous interest in understanding how it informs her work.

She continues to hone her skills in her studio, always with an eclectic selection of music playing in the background.  Annette works primarily in oils, although she is continually advancing her skills in a variety of mediums.  Annette also paints en plein air at every opportunity (enjoying nature’s soundtrack!).


Curriculum Vitae 

2012 to present Leighton Art Centre Member

2012 to present Federation of Canadian Artists (National Chapter), Active Member


Hyatt Regency Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Private collections Calgary & Area, Alberta Canada

Private collections Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Private collections Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Private collections Vancouver, BC, Canada

Private collections Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Private collection San Diego, CA, USA

Private collection Darwin, NT, Australia



Annette Resler - ready to paint!